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► APEX | Fully Customizable JRZ Suspension Packages at More Affordable Prices

Why Buy From APEX?

Fully customizable - Our guru's hand-picked suspension components from several industry leaders which result in our unique ability to formulate a package that meets your individual performance and budgetary needs. Best of all, you can get it all from one place.

Affordability - We’ve priced our custom JRZ coilover kits well below others that offer standard off-the-shelf kits. By removing production and logistical inefficiencies, we are able to make these desirable suspension solutions more accessible and affordable to our clients.

Availability - We hold the largest volume of JRZ inventory for BMW applications in North America. JRZ dampers are made in the Netherlands, and while a majority of dealers inefficiently order or drop ship product one customer at a time, APEX chose to heavily invest in the brand to drastically improve product availability in the U.S.

Expert pre & post-sale support - We provide one-on-one consultations to ensure you are confident in your purchase. However, configuring a suspension package and installing it on your vehicle is only half the battle. To get the most out of your suspension upgrade, you’ll want to know that experts are there to support your efforts along the way.

Industry-Leading Partners

JRZ Suspension Engineering calls on over 60 years of experience in the development and production of motorsport dampers. With numerous factors like track surfaces, weather conditions and tire compounds, the adjustability of JRZ dampers ensures you can utilize your car's full potential at all extreme ends of the spectrum. JRZ has a rich motorsport history, and their dampers continue to aid drivers around the world in pursuit of the podium.

Ground Control has been building world-class street, track, and full road race suspension setups since the 1980s. They have designed and built setups for hundreds of different chassis and applications. From no-compromise racing camber plates to refined, comfortable street plates, Ground Control's engineering and attention to detail make them our camber plate of choice for any street or race application.

We chose Hyperco springs mainly because of their near-perfect (within 2-4%) linear rates. They're more resistant to bowing than most other brands of spring, and because of their highly developed design, the springs are able to maintain their original free length and rate throughout a near-infinite operational life.

Visit our website to order

All of our coilover kits include the following:

(4x) JRZ Dampers: The JRZ RS-Line is hand-built on the same production line as their ($8,000+) red motorsport-grade dampers. The build quality and attention to detail is second to none, and this is apparent from the moment you open the box and begin to handle the components. Every piece is anodized, leaving no uncoated corrosion-prone surfaces.

(2x) Ground Control Front Camber/Caster Plates: With options for "street" plates that have urethane bushings to help keep NVH to a minimum, to "race" plates that prioritize performance and direct steering response over all else, Ground Control offers a camber adjustability solution that is specifically catered to your individual driving needs and preferences.

(4x) Hyperco 2.25" ID Coilover Springs: Hyperco offers a comprehensive selection of spring rates and lengths to support all applications from daily-drivers and dual-duty track cars, to full-on race builds. We know the list of options is lengthy enough to make your head spin, therefore, to simplify the process we've combined our knowledge with the leading experts at JRZ and Hyperco to provide you with three predetermined spring packages based on the type of use, and factors like vehicle modifications, tire compound, etc. For experienced drivers, we also offer the ability to choose your own custom rates and lengths. Also, since race springs are relatively inexpensive, it is very common for track rats/racers to experiment with a variety of spring rates to see what works best for their chassis setup, local tracks, and individual driving style. As your chassis setup and driving skills accelerate over time, different spring rates can be purchased and installed with ease to ensure you are getting the most out of your motorsport grade dampers.

(2x) JRZ Rear Ride Height Adjusters: Included in every kit, these JRZ spring perches allow for precise rear ride height adjustment. They are machined from aluminum and anodized black.

(4x) JRZ Soft Bump Stops: To further increase service life and safe operating ranges bump stops and dust boots are included. Bump stops may be trimmed or removed all together depending on the application.

JRZ RS ONE Single Adjustable Coilover Kit

1. JRZ RS ONE Single Adjustable Coilover Kit - Complete kits starting $3,568.96

Single-adjustable dampers
Preset compression setting
Adjustable rebound settings (24 clicks)

Ideal for the driver who wants a professional, adjustable, motorsport-proven damper without the higher price points of the RS TWO and RS PRO dampers.

JRZ RS TWO Double Adjustable Coilover Kit

2. JRZ RS TWO Double Adjustable Coilover Kit - Complete kits starting $4,218.96

Double-adjustable dampers
Adjustable compression settings (14 clicks)
Adjustable rebound settings (24 clicks)

Ideal for the semi-pro driver who wants to become more familiar with suspension tuning using a quality damper.

JRZ RS PRO Double Adjustable Coilover Kit

3. JRZ RS PRO Double Adjustable Coilover Kit - Complete kits starting $5,143.96

Double-adjustable dampers with championship-winning remote reservoirs
Adjustable compression settings (14 clicks)
Adjustable rebound settings (24 clicks)
Adjustable nitrogen gas pressure
Quick-disconnect reservoir plumbing for front dampers (rear optional)

Ideal for the pro racer who requires the precise adjustability that only external reservoirs can offer.

JRZ RS PRO 3 Triple Adjustable Coilover Kit

3. JRZ RS PRO 3 Triple Adjustable Coilover Kit - Complete kits starting $5,390.96

Triple-adjustable dampers with championship-winning remote reservoirs
Adjustable high speed compression settings (14 clicks)
Adjustable low speed compression settings (8 clicks)
Adjustable rebound settings (21 clicks)
Adjustable nitrogen gas pressure
Quick-disconnect reservoir plumbing for front dampers

Ideal for the competitive pro racer who demands a race-proven suspension with maximum adjustability and tuning potential.

Optional Extras That Can Be Added To Your Kit

(2x) or (4x) Hyperco 2.25" ID Helper Springs with Helper Spring Guides: Although not required, helper springs are used to keep the main springs seated on their perches while the suspension is at full droop. When cornering hard, jumping berms on the race track, or simply jacking up the car in up in your garage or within the paddock, the suspension has the potential to droop enough for a spring to unsettle. If that happens it can seat incorrectly the next time it is compressed. A pair of helper springs and guides are highly recommended for the front dampers for most applications, however, there are several reasons why track enthusiasts and racers may bypass them including limiting stack height to improve clearance for wide front wheels and tires. Consult with an APEX Product Specialist to ensure you get the best spring configuration for your needs

(2x) Ground Control Rear Articulating Weight Jacks (replaces rear height adjusters): Weight Jacks replace the standard rear height adjusters, to address the issue of inconsistent spring rates. Rear springs aren’t compressed straight up and down. As the control arm articulates, the spring is compressed unevenly. These weight jacks use a pivot point to keep the spring vertical throughout the range of motion.

(2x) Rear Shock Mounts: To extract the most performance out of your high-end dampers, it is vital to ensure there are no weak links among supplementary suspension components. With chassis-specific rear shock mounts available from Ground Control, Powerflex and JRZ, you can custom-tailor your setup to match your individual driving needs and preferences. These polyurethane or monoball rear shock mount upgrades will replace your tired stock rubber bushings, and are designed to decrease the amount of deflection in your car's suspension which directly improves handling, driver feedback, and tire wear.

(2x) or (4x) Ground Control Adjustable End Links For Front And Rear: Adjustable end links remove any preload or tension put on the sway bars by keeping a perpendicular relationship between the two. End link mounting points are not always equidistant from one side of the sway bar to the other, therefore the non-adjustable or fixed factory end links are not ideal. Adjustable end links ensure you have the proper adjustment range to work with, especially with aftermarket sway bars that offer multiple settings (mounting points).

(4x) JRZ EDC Cancellation Unit: For F-chassis M cars equipped with EDC. This kit plugs into the vehicle’s EDC connectors and eliminates error codes resulting from the use of aftermarket dampers. While not mandatory, the JRZ EDC Cancellation Unit will be the quickest and easiest way to remove the error light that will be present on the dash. Choosing not to remove the error light will not impact the performance of your suspension.

(2x) or (4x) Rennscot Remote Reservoir Mounts: Calling all JRZ RS PRO, PRO3 and Motorsport users! Rennscot's canister clamps are the perfect solution for safely mounting your JRZ remote reservoirs. Say goodbye to shotty zip-ties and hose-clamps. Made of CNC machined 6061 aluminum with a carbon-fiber/nylon 3D printed adapter, these mounts come with all the stainless steel hardware you need for easy installation. Optional roll cage adapters are also available in 1.25", 1.5" and 1.75" diameters.

Find Your Suspension Kit

Suspension Kits Available For:

BMW E36 M3
BMW E36 Non-M
BMW E46 M3
BMW E46 Non-M
BMW E82/88 1-Series
BMW E85/86 Z4
BMW E85/86 Z4 M
BMW E89 Z4
BMW F22 2-Series
BMW F3X 3/4-Series
BMW F87 M2

Questions about camber plates, suspension and wheel fitment?

Click here to get a personalized fitment recommendation from one of our experts.

Ordering and Contact Information

Visit our website to order

Call: 925-245-0773
Hours: M-F 9a-5p PST

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