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This is still happening to me with my M35i on a regular basis and today was particularly bad. The trip home from work involved a lot of stop and go traffic and I nearly rear ended the car in front of me twice because of the throttle lag. I went to accelerate and the vehicle hesitated then jumped forward in a burst after about 2 seconds. Also, while trying to make a quick left turn against oncoming traffic, the throttle lagged so badly I nearly caused an accident . . . also twice. The Auto-off was deactivated during the whole trip and I noticed the same condition in all three of the driving modes.

The ONLY thing that alleviated this was when I put the transmission into manual mode and used paddle shifters to shift. There was zero lag and the car behaved perfectly in that condition.

Are others experiencing the same thing? It's gotten to the point where I really no longer trust the vehicle to respond as it should. I end up looking like I'm hesitating at four way stops and left turns after slowing down. This causes the other vehicles to take advantage of my "hesitation" and go through intersections because they think I'm still stopped or coming to a rolling stop. Ugh.
This is the exact same issue that I had in my M35i. Every time I would come to a stop light or turning to the left that is when the car lagged terribly. You legit explained exactly how I had my problems.
You mentioned that after your trip to the dealer in July the problem seemed to be fixed. Is it still gone or has it come back?
Sadly it's come back. I took it to the dealer to get checked out again about 3 weeks ago. They said they couldn't find anything with it and that they did a reprogramming. This would be the second time I've taken it in. So far I'm testing it out still. Have you taken it into the dealer?