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Originally Posted by ThugzZ BunnY View Post
It's funny you say that. When we did our training on this before it a came out, they told us they were aiming for a younger, more "hip" crowd. They actually had a slide of a mom driving this and she had a full sleeve. But what has actually happened is little old ladies are buying them instead. This car is selling to the exact opposite market of what they intend and it's also falling flat on its face and no one can sell them. This should have without a doubt been a hot hatch like the 135i in Europe. Or just lower it and make it rwd.
I can see this because Iím 66 and my wife is 63 and we donít like big SUVís. Had an original 2001 X5 and traded down to a smaller 2004 X3 then another 2007 X3, then a 2010 Mini Clubman S and when the E84 X1 came out got it. Its not the price, bought 3 M3ís before and my 2007 335 convertible was $57K, its totally size. I really hate riding in or driving big vehicles, the current X3 is the same size as our 2001 X5 was. Its perfect for just empty nesters and an occassional grandson or occassional German Shepherd like us, we want something small and fun to drive. Not everyone wants the biggest thing they can get for the money.
That being said the X2 is overpriced and dealers are still loaded with 2018ís. Biggest complaints I have beside price is the ugly cladding on the base model that looks like crap and front wheel drive. Its almost the identical size as our E84, Iíd probably only consider a M35 version for the all wheel drive, power and more standard features.
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