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Originally Posted by upsidedownfunnel View Post
Originally Posted by eDrive View Post
Same price the OG M2.

Close enough.
The original M2 started at around $54-$55k right? And the Competition is $59k. The automatic M2 costs $3000 more as well.

The X2 m35i is $46,450. Still a bit pricey, but not out of the range of the competition. Certainly not "close enough" to the M2's starting price. I agree the m2 is a better deal still. I'd definitely rather pay an extra $9000 for the m2 (non competition), but $9000 is a significant amount of money. I'm not sure how that could be construed as being close in price to the X2 m35i.
B6 the time you add on some extras it's close enough.