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Originally Posted by dmboone25 View Post
Originally Posted by upsidedownfunnel View Post
This car seems to be more in line with the Golf R. It's AWD, more power than the R, and even a front LSD. 0-60 is under 5 seconds.

Also, you seemed to have done quite a bit of rounding. The X2 seems to start at around $45-$46k. The R starts at around $40k last time I checked.
I think his argument was based on other factors - such as fun to drive, which the GTI is known for, plus impressive utility in a small package, also a traditional GTI trait.

Arguably, you can get more fun and similar/better utility for a much lower price. But that's just a guess.
I'm glad to see people realizing an X2 is not an SUV. Bravo. This is a hatch and a Golf R is a much better buy. This car is destined for failure.
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