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Originally Posted by Kuato2084 View Post
Front end is looking very nice! The grille is big but not too big with a sporty shape and nice teeth. Headlights are superb. It looks as nice as an X3 or X5 from up front! The rear isn't too bad either. The hockey stick tail lights work for this type of body kit. I don't like them on the 3er sedan but they fit well here. They look best on the upcoming 3er touring though. You can get this chiptuned up to 600+ ft/lb of torque for not too much without having to adjust the cat or exhaust. It handles fantastic and it's very reasonably priced. This is honestly a sleeper enthusiast car because its market's dominated by college girls and soccer moms. It carves corners like a seasoned pro. BMW's showing up with this grille though. I'm not too big on other current grilles but this LCI is looking sweet!
600?!? I've not followed this platform. If not a typo thats.....gotta be a typo.