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Originally Posted by danchee View Post
The unfortunate part about CarPlay is that it came from Apple. The place where people think they know better than everyone else and believe theirs is the only way to go. It is also a place where there are enough sheeps around using their stuff they can say "our way or the highway". I've used Android Auto on many systems and it's a heck of a lot better than CarPlay.

iDrive depends on apps to work with services. Right now there's Spotify for music. No other option to use other providers other than using BT over the phone. The intent around CarPlay and Android Auto is the ability to use your car's infotainment buttons to select stuff on the phone instead of reaching for the phone each time.
Dude Android Auto is considerably more buggy than CarPlay. Go to any forum of an automaker that offers both and there are always way more complaints about Android Auto being broken. I wish we could get past the "sheep" comments in regards to people's preference of phones. People like what they like just like some people prefer MB to BMW.
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