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Alright guys.... if you match with someone and talk for like two week or so and realize she probably isn't for you but she'd like to meet up and go on a date, would y'all go? I have not told her we probably won't work, but I know for a fact we would smash first date from our conversations and how they have been going.

I just feel like I'd be wasting time, even if I get her in the sheets. And as pennsiveguy pointed out, time is money.

Would y'all honestly go?
First, you're doing it wrong with talking for weeks before meeting. Set the meeting up within an hour of exchanging numbers!!! If she has excuses etc, move on. She's not interested & wasting your time.

In this case, is she attractive enough to sit through a drink & then bang? If so, go meet her. However, make her come to you. For now, I live in a town with a happening main drag so I can just walk to bars & food. So I have them come to my town & I walk there already buzzed
You right I'll have her drive to me.

Also, I didn't meet earlier since she was flying to the east coast to be with her family for 2 weeks.

Trust me I would've met her immediately if I could've, don't want to waste my time. Trying to set something up soon possibly. And no I didn't give her my real number yet, I gave her the burner number haha.

For those who don't know 'textnow' is a free app which you can have a second number. One of the few ones that actually works without having to pay. Thank me later boyz lol.