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Originally Posted by BobbyGrant View Post
When I use this app, the only options I seem to have are
Flash lights
Switch ventilation on.

I can also find destinations and send to car.

Other than that, what else can I get and how do I get it?

It's a 2016 F48
The options on the new app and old app are more limited on the 2016 F48 vs some of the newer vehicles. I have both a 2016 F48 and a 2018 F30 340. I am sure this trend continues in the newer and more expensive vehicles. My 340 loads up a whole bunch of features remotely. I have mileage, gas levels, a status update (with oil, whether doors windows are closed, car is locked, service update dates, etc). The F48 will give me some more info if I plug my phone directly into the vehicle and then open the app (so not much remote or over the air functions). I should point out I only have checked the plugged in features with connected drive. In our case the F48 has been adopted by my teen driver so I don't get to drive it that much, so I have not played around much with the new app on the X1. Hope that helps.
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