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Originally Posted by Notion-Za
I played some beta last night. I was a die hard source player and played it quite competitively before BF3 came along. Played a 5v5 competitive last night and all i can say is WOW :O Definitely a new twist on an old game and the new molotovs and decoy nades add a new tactic to both ct and t. Definitely feels a lot more like 1.6 than source to me with regards to recoil and the weapon spread is much bigger than before. No more spray and pray!

Definitely gonna invest a bit of time in this game again
How does the recoil feel more like 1.6 than source? I'd say it's a lot worse than source... I was a hardcore 1.6 player and did my fair share of source. GO sprays are just all over the place. Or maybe my rates aren't correct... What has everyone been using?

Also I hate how they changed the buy menu and voice commands :/

And are there no pubs in this game? 10v10 pubs I mean