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OEM 20" Wheel Code -- Anyone Know It?

hi all,

so, i'm really thinking of getting the 20" OEM wheels that come on the m35i (if they don't cost like 1k$ per wheel). my m35i came with the 19" wheels and they look good, but the 20" wheels look great.

does anyone know the internal code (or the part number) for the OEM 20" wheels? i'm sure that many of you have these wheels on your cars, so help me out! when i google it, i'm not finding them.

thanks, everyone!


okay, so i found the code - 721m

they seem to be super expensive and i found them for sale in the UK but not the US which may lead me to either keep the 19"s or look at 20"s from a different model bmw.

i searched and oem wheels with the same or very similar offset and size aren't terribly attractive and not worth changing over. i really like to keep wheels oem, so for the time being i'll be keeping the 19"s. i'm lowering the car anyway on h&r lowering springs, so maybe 19"s will be best suited.

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