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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
I drag myself out of bed at 7. I am not a morning person. Last night I went to bed at 11, but I'm usually up until 11:30 or later on weeknights and midnight or later on weekends. If I go to bed at 10 or so, I can get 8 hours sleep and get up at 6, but it's still like trying to wake up from a coma. If I could sleep until I naturally wake up, it would be around 8AM every morning. I wish I could be more of a morning person so I could get a ride in before breakfast and work, especially in the summer when it's way cooler in the early morning.
Haha I hear ya. I force myself up at 4:30, definitely not rolling out of bed because I feel well rested. As long as I get 6-7hrs I can manage my day. If there were more hours in the day I'd go after work, but right now I work until 4:30-5 so hitting the gym afterwards wouldn't get me home until 7-7:30 which doesn't fly well with me. I'd much rather go in the morning and be home by 4:30-5 and enjoy the rest of my evening with the lady and dogs!
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