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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
10K (fitbit) was too easy. I hit 12.5k about 75% of weekdays, crush it to around 22K on weekends putzing around the yard.

If I run, or on soccer Fridays, I'm genreally in that 20K range.

I'll have to look and see if I can find a yearly total on Fitbit.

One thing that busts me up if I ride my motorcycle to work: by the time I get here I have usually walked 3K
Lol regarding the motorcycle comment, easy way to get some steps! 22k during the weekends is damn good. I'm the opposite, around 16k-20k during the week and around 10-14k on the weekend as I tend to relax a little more. Unless I'm out golfing at which it goes way up haha.

Originally Posted by Ickdeep View Post
I average about 7.5k steps on weekdays and 10k on the weekends (via apple watch). Reason why its lower on the weekday is because I work at an office desk; not really much movement. I used to kind of set goals for myself like 10k steps but already got so much to do so kind of stop caring.
I hear ya, my last job I was behind a desk all the time. To get my steps up I'd usually take a 20min walk at lunch. Sitting behind the desk all day without getting out would drive me a little nuts. Hence the new job where I get a little bit of both, desk most of the time but then I can get out and walk the floor whenever need be!
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