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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Since I started riding I've been less concerned with step counts. Riding burns ~900 cal/hr, so there's no need to hit 10k steps in a day. I still average around 7k steps/day.

A colleague of mine has gone whole hog into walking. I mean, All-In insanity level. A lot of his job is done over the phone, so he walks and talks and never gets far enough away from his office that he can't be back there in a few minutes. But he walks 5k-7k steps per hour during the day. He's dropped 70lbs since he started in July. His weekly high, which he hit last month, was 86 miles in one week. Like I said, insanity. I don't know how he doesn't have major foot issues by now.
Riding is definitely a great form of exercise, I hit the stationary bike every now and again when I want to clobber my legs after a tough workout. I don't think steps should be something you should be considered about, not like I shoot for a set amount, I just like yelling "In your face!!!" to my watch each night hahaha. If anything, as long as I get some sort of exercise I feel good for that day.

Good for him dropped that weight, but that is an absurd amount of stepping lol. I'm probably right around 50miles/week, but depends if I'm running much that week. 86 miles in a week is wild, he was probably over 20k steps each day. I'm sure getting that extra weight off has help his joints/feet more then the extra steps have hurt them!

Some of the records people have on Garmin make me look like a lazy ass though, it's insane. People averaging my personal best day each day for 100 days straight... Like what the hell lol, damn marathon runners.
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