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How Much Are You Stepping!?

Just wanted to start up a thread regarding step count to see if anyone else looks at this shit as much as I do. I'm constantly wearing my garmin which monitors all sorts of shit, but I mostly just try to hit my step goal. Each day if you meet or miss your goal it alters it either increasing if you hit it or decreasing if you miss it. With that said I try to hit it every day and it has gotten a little out of control. My goals recently have been up around 17,000 steps/day!!?

I've been using garmin products for about a year now so I figure I'll share my stats this year.

Total Steps: 4,088,566
Total Distance: 2,176.21 miles
Daily Avg: 13,275 steps
Most steps in 1 day: 24,688
Most steps in a week: 120,452
Most steps in a month: 482,365

I'm fairly active in general, but the step goals each day are fun for me in a way. Drives me to be a little more active each day. Lets hear some stats, see if anyone can top me!
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