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Spent a lot of time with cars offering Apple CarPlay this past year, and it's what recently encouraged me to add CarPlay to my E90. If I was an Android user, I'd be just as keen on Android Auto.

I'm a heavy user of Waze, and having it larger and legally accessible through smartphone mirroring is a big plus here in Aus, as there are big fines (dollars and points) for even touching your phone. Combined with voice entry, access to podcasts and Spotify, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto are absolutely no-brainers in my mind, and offer me the functionality I want that is sadly lacking in manufacturers infotainment systems, including iDrive (3-4-5-6-7-whatever version).

As for BMW not supporting Android Auto, it seems a bit shortsighted. Sure the demographics of iPhone owners may skew to the wealthier end of the spectrum, but there are plenty of cashed-up Android users out there too. Combined with the mixed message of "enter your car with Android, but hookup your iPhone to the dash", it just doesn't make sense.

Not sure I believe the security concern or the argument that there are countless Android configs out there, my understanding is the car communicates with Google's own Android Auto app on your phone, not with all the other stuff on your phone. Could be wrong, but that's the way that makes sense, in which case it's simply the "app" in iDrive conversing with Google's Android Auto app on your phone. What the Android Auto app interfaces with (music, navigation, etc.) should be handled by the app on your phone, BMW doesn't get involved.

I can't understand the nickle-and-diming of the CarPlay subscription thing either. A cheap Kia comes with both CP and AA standard and in perpetuity.
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