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Originally Posted by JohnnyCanuck View Post
First, BMW's explanation that there's too may different Android phone manufacturers and standards, etc ... is just bullshit. Android Auto is the standard, and there is no differentiation between Samsung's or Google's or Motorola's or LG's or Blackberry's implementation of it. AA is AA is AA is AA.

Second, I don't buy the affluence argument in the least. Android has a substantial market share. No one is asking BMW to support BBOS or Windows Phone here. Android has a substantial market share among the target demographics for BMW cars.

Third, this is now a deal breaker for me on my next car. BMW has no single car in its current offerings that is compellingly better than others in the marketplace. I will not buy another car that does not support Android Auto.
I agree, I really don't understand BMW's position. Phone-car integration is very important to me. I make many overseas calls and these usually go through WhatsApp. AA still doesn't allow to make WhatsApp calls and I understand that Car Play does, but I still won't buy an iPhone. Nothing against Apple, I'm sure it is a great phone and people tell me that, but I just don't want to have to have an iPad, an iMac, an iWatch. I like my choices, so, thanks, but no, thanks.

All the reasons given here for BMW no implementing AA sound like a lot of horse manure to me.
- Android users not a part of BMW's target market.
Really? As one of the millions of Adroid users in the US who could afford a BMW I feel dismissed.
- BMW cares about privacy
And yet they allow Alexa and Google assistant to interact with their app.
- AA too difficult to implement because of too many variants.
I guess Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar and many others know something that BMW doesn't.

I love German cars but their quirks are annoying. BMW won't offer AA integration, Audi doesn't have remote start. I guess it's time to look at the Mercedes, Tesla or Alfa. We'll see.
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