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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
But it's nowhere near that simple. To wit:

- In the U.S., iPhones have a 41 percent market share, vs. 57 percent for Android-based phones. In the EU, the split is basically even. In Japan, iOS still outsells Android phones significantly.
- The average iPhone owner tends to be of a significantly higher socioeconomic level than the average Android-based phone owner. This aligns with BMW's target markets.
- The vast majority of Android-based phones are in China and second- or third-world countries. Yet one of the only countries where iOS is gaining market share is China -- incidentally, the country where BMW is focusing the most of its planning and R&D resources.

BMW knows its customers, both current and targeted. I guarantee you that the majority are iOS users -- and if, perchance, they are not, it's barely not.
I don't beleive you are correct about Europe. I think android market share in Europe is much greater than ios.

Japan doesn't sound right either. I think the U.S. Is the closest apple gets to android on market share.
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