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Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
Starting to learn from how a watch functions...quartz, mechanical and analog. Noob here so I'll take it slow. I started out with Invicta which sounds like nobody likes but I am venturing out to other makes
Taking it slow is a great idea. As my dad frequently told me (usually regarding cars), browsing doesn't cost any money. I would spend some time online, but also identify the places in your area that sell nicer watches because nothing really replaces seeing a piece in the metal.

Some words of advice. Watches can be as expensive or more expensive than cars depending on how you approach things. Also the general public has literally no idea what good watches cost. Most people (perhaps you at this point in time) would fall down when they hear that a basic rolex sports model starts (MSRP) at around $6k. I don't know you or your circle of friends, but be careful. I once told a good friend (who has zero interest in watches) that my Omega seamaster professional cost me $1400 new back in 2005. He was absolutely shocked it was so expensive. People expect BMWs, Porsches, Ferraris to be expensive. Most people wouldn't bat an eye if you told them you spent >$100k on a 911. Watches aren't like this.

I have a couple of recommendations for youtube sources for information. I second the recommendation of Watch and Listen. It's a really good series of videos. One of the co-hosts is Cameron Weiss who is a Swiss trained watchmaker. He has his own company--Weiss watches, but spent some time at various high end companies working on watches. I tend to prefer someone with real training and expertise telling me why something is good or bad vs just a blogger who has no training but just a big bank account. You'll learn a lot. And yeah, watch ALL of the episodes.

The other source that I like, particularly if you're just starting out and perhaps not looking to spend a ton is Worn and Wound. They seem to focus a little more on the affordable side---sometimes they feature $5k watches, but they have a lot of watches from say $250-$1,000, many of which I've never heard of and are from smaller brands.

Oh and I hope you don't mind Rolex watches---pretty much every forum on watches has at least a few Rolex thread going at any single time. They're a very polarizing brand it would seem.