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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
You're welcome.

No surprise you don't come by many/any Steinhart/UTS watches. Both are micro-brand makers with limited distribution networks. BTW, I wish I were in your "boat" and could think of a UTS as an affordable (generically speaking) watch.

Out of curiosity, how did you, "the uninitiated," () come to find out about either maker? Generally speaking, uninitiated folks won't buy things they don't know of, name recognition and brand awareness being so central to the typical consumer's buying habits.

All the best.
Some years ago I purchased a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera based on the advice of a friend. I really liked the watch, unfortunately it was stolen. I decided, at that point, to seek out something unusual, and went to the Watchuseek forums. I must have looked at every watch there on the brand forums, and decided to purchase the UTS based on the rarity, and the build quality. When I called the US Distributor for UTS, I was pleasantly surprised at just how affordable the UTS brand was. I love my UTS, it's a heavy watch and is built like a Swiss bank vault. Fast forward to today, I have always had a yearning for the IWC brand, specifically the Big Pilot watch. I just could not see the value at that price point, so took another journey to Watchuseek and review posts on the Steinhart brand. The Dollar was strong against the Euro, and went through the purchase process paying $888.65 through PayPal for the watch and shipping, directly from Steinhart. The Nav B-Chrono 44, with leather strap (image attached) belies its price, it is a beautiful watch with great quality, the strap alone is worth the price of admission.
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