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Thanks everyone for your informative inputs. This forum has been really helpful in ironing out any concerns with the F48 X1. Just like you all have chipped in, I believe everything is alright but I will definitely be more careful and will use brakes more next time I'm going down hill.

BTW this is what I found on the i drive regarding manual mode. It says the gearbox will not upshift on manual mode as it reaches certain engine light speeds (which should be the redline) ONLY IF DSC is deactivated. In my case I was in Comfort mode with just the gearbox in Sport mode, which means incase I did reach redline, the gearbox would've upshifted automatically. So that is a pretty solid failsafe mechanism built-in is what I understand.

Originally Posted by ttimbo View Post
That said, if the descent conditions mean you need to use M1/M2 constantly, I'm thinking you perhaps should have used either the brakes more (shouldn't overheat too much at those low speeds) or perhaps engaged hill descent control. Both should enable mechanically sympathetic control of the vehicle
Mine is an Sdrive 20d, does this variant of the X1 have hill descent control? If it does have it, will try to use it the next time.

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This was a useful feature in my previous car (Audi A3) and engine braking used to kick in when I hit downhill sections of the A470 near Brecon.

No need to switch to manual, it seemed to happen automatically.

Driving the same stretch on my X1, this feature appears to be absent, unfortunately.

Engine braking does kick in the X1 if you put the gearbox in Sports mode, but nowhere near what I could get on my manual transmission car. But on my Manual tranny car, I would have kept an eye on the revs too.

Originally Posted by Shagohod View Post
I drive up and back down Pikes Peak numerous times a year(I live closeby); in addition to lots of other mountain driving. I regularly make use of engine braking in order to save my brakes and maintain a safe speed, never noticed any adverse effects whatsoever so I'd think that you would be fine under your described conditions. Also I've never seen a situation where the car allowed me to go past the red line. It will always hold at the line or automatically shift up to save the transmission. It won't allow you to stall either.

All in all, I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe take care to check all your gauges frequently next time but I'd bet you didn't cause any harm or undue wear.
Will keep an eye on the revs from now on Glad to know more about this as googling the same gives conflicting results.

Originally Posted by MJE60 View Post
Agree with ttimbo, namely it might be possible but improbable to over-Rev. The double clutch system (on Sdrive) and gear box are protected with a huge amount of electronics, the auto box will change gear before allowing redline to be exceeded.

Also, note that unless you have your foot on the accelerator/gas pedal there will be no/little fuel in the system (modern fuel emissions and economy setting and fuel injection), any engine braking being from friction and resistance (unlike the old days when engine braking included actual resistance from engine firing) and is the main reason why engine braking does not really work effectively in modern road car engines and why you should ideally use brakes as primary mechanism to control speed.

Nothing in your description makes me believe you did anything to cause/risk damage.
Yes, the feel of engine braking is definitely very different from what is available in my old manual tranny vehicle. Going downhill, I would've preferred more powerful engine braking to stay in better control. Infact, the auto transmission feels easy when you go uphill, while manual tranny feels better with all that engine braking when you're coming down. That's an interesting conundrum.

Anyway thanks everyone. Really helpful even when it comes to a difficult topic for Google. I had read some comments online which said engine braking is bad for the torque converter etc.. Thanks to this forum, I can have proper answers to any query.
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