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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Why you need that much caffeine!?
I'm pretty sure that Now_Rudi has just built up a pretty good tolerance to it.

I remember when Pre-Workout supps first became popular. Most had around 100mg of caffeine in it.

I'm sensitive to stimulants, so couple that along with something like Niacin in the old stuff would have me bouncing off the walls.

Now I see stuff with 200+mg of caffeine, 100mg of teacrine, 20mg yohimbe...all combined into one drink. I wouldn't sleep for a week if I took one of these...and I don't hardly sleep now.

I used to make up my own stimulant free stuff...mainly stuff that enhanced vasodilation for pumps.

Now...I just use some EAA's and Beet Root Powder. EAA to stimulate protein synthesis, and Beets to enhance blood flow.
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