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Passenger door misaligned due to wind

We recently had an issue where the passenger door when opened caused a noise and was bent due to wind. My wife said she saw something hit the car seat from the door. The noise was so loud that I can hear it very clearly and sounded as if the door is going to fly away.

I had press down the door and close it from outside. I could not find any cracks or any bent hinges on the door. I am also not sure what caused the sound as well.

I took to BMW service and they said they canít fix this and asked me to go body shop. A local body works guy looked at it and bent the door down towards the vehicle to align the doors which actually fixed the issue.

Can anyone help me if there is going to be any issues that would arise in future due to this? Like the door can pop out n a drive, etc..

Should I take it to a different body shop to open the door and check if everything is ok? Any suggestions are welcome. I drive 2019 BMW X1