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Originally Posted by cangenBMW View Post
Your X2 is quite unique in Canada and I can tell you a bit about why you haven't seen any others like it.

I work as an SA at a Canadian dealership. Your X2 is what's known as an "HEA" model. They are cars that are pre-specified by BMW Canada as the first of any new model sent to dealerships. They are often specified in a way that you wouldn't be able to order through normal production.

Yours is exactly this. BMW only officially offers the "xLine" and "M Sport X" trim levels in Canada. However, a few of the HEA models were specified by BMW Canada in a configuration identical to yours, with the "M Sport" trim level that's not officially offered here.

I am hoping that BMW Canada will reconsider offering the "M Sport" (Non X) trim level in Canada, as I find it is a much cleaner look than the M Sport X or xLine models with their black/silver plastic trim.
The X2 in Misano Blue is a beautiful vehicle, enough to make me buy one. Mine has the ugly gray cladding, so it would be interesting to see if the MSport/HEA/Non-X pieces are available from the dealer parts counter in body color. That plus the rear valance and roof in either gloss black or a CF wrap would make this into a really stunning car. The wheels are meh, though. I'm looking forward to seeing what aftermarket wheels other X2 owners go with.