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Originally Posted by brucex42018 View Post
I have owned several bmw's (325xi and two X3's) and now find myself torn between a "new" X2 & a "used" X4 ... for about the same $.

my primary concern with the X2 is the front-drive bias and torque steer.

Can anyone comment on this ?
Also i need to really check the cargo space to see how 2-sets of golf clubs would fit.

Also I really like the shifter in the X4 better

I have an E46 M3 and an X2. The M3 has lots of mods including a 4.10 rear diff, so the back end is quite "talkative". Even coming from my M3, I'm very happy with my X2. Obviously I can't light up the rear tires of the X2 going around a corner, but I don't feel constantly reminded that it's a FWD/AWD vehicle. I don't notice torque steer, either, but then again, I don't drive the X2 to get my RWD fix.

If you have driven the X2, you should have already noticed this. If you haven't driven the X2, you should. That would be a good time to do a fit check of your golf bags. Are you wondering if they will fit with the seat down or up? With it down, there should be lots of room. Not sure if it's up.