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Originally Posted by M2audioman View Post
Glad you like the car, but you lost me at, "the steering in sport mode is closer to a 2016-2018 M2 in sport mode."

No, it isn't. Lol. The steering feel is identical to the X1. I've driven both back to back and also own a M2. There is no planet on which a X2 has steering feel similar to the M2. To be fair, the M2 isn't exactly amazing to begin with. However, the X2 isn't even in the same discussion. Even a standard 230i has a better steering setup than the X2.
I've never driven an M2, but I have an M3, so I don't have to wonder if the X2 and M2 have similar steering feel. I doubt it.

However, I don't agree with your comparison of the X1 and X2. While they do share the same platform and steering rack, the X2 has shorter front and rear overhangs, a lower roofline, lower ride height, different (stiffer) springs and lower profile tires than the X1. I've driven both and they handle quite differently. Your comment that the X1 and X2 steering is identical is no more valid than the comment that the X2 and M2 steer the same.