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Originally Posted by M2audioman View Post
Glad you like the car, but you lost me at, "the steering in sport mode is closer to a 2016-2018 M2 in sport mode."

No, it isn't. Lol. The steering feel is identical to the X1. I've driven both back to back and also own a M2. There is no planet on which a X2 has steering feel similar to the M2. To be fair, the M2 isn't exactly amazing to begin with. However, the X2 isn't even in the same discussion. Even a standard 230i has a better steering setup than the X2.
Hi, to give more clarification when driving the X2 in sport mode stiffened up the steering while still providing as much feedback as I got from driving the M2. I'm not saying it is exactly like it, but it is the closest I've gotten to it without having to buy an M2.

I did another back to back test with a 240i and the steering was ultra light, dull and bland. It's like I lost connection with what was actually going on with the wheels to the road. This is exactly how I felt when driving the X1. It was super muted even in sport mode.. it just wasn't fun and engaging.

All in all I've test driven an 240i, 340i, 440i, X1, X2, X3, X4, and an M2. To compare that steering feel is around the 340i and M2. I'm not saying they handle like those cars do but come the closest in feel (Sport mode)

If I'm not making any sense and that you got a different feel for it I'm all ears. I'd love to get additional information and I'm glad that you're an M2 owner as well. It was my top pick, but I couldn't justify the price tag at the time and I fell in love with how that car drove and made me feel. There is still thoughts of trading up to an M2 at a later date still. What are your thoughts on it?