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OP...aren't the cabin filters in the engine bay (just under the base of the windscreen)? You've replaced the filters I guess? If you were able to see the evaporator, did you scrub it with something (as well using the Klima spray)? Maybe also as much as you can reach of the ducting leading from the air intake into the actual cabin?

Have you tried the 'bomb' type spray that you set off in the cabin (i think while the engine and HVAC are running)? That's supposed to clean out the vents (in cabin intakes and outlets).

I had this exact problem in a second-hand VW GTI that was only 2 years old when I bought it. There had been a lot of buildup of leaves in the HVAC intake, which I suspected may have contributed to buildup of mould in the pipework.

In that car the evap was very hard to reach as it was behind the centre console inside the car.
let us know how you go
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