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Originally Posted by MarkDemma View Post
Having worked for a place that created apps for both iOS and Android, I can tell you what a huge pain in the ass Android was to work with, on so so many levels. The developer tools, the lack of standards in the environment, each hardware vendor having their own layout and versions, etc, made working with Android a nightmare. Getting the experience to not be clunky and buggy in a car would be difficult to say the least. But the nail in the coffin for Android Auto as far as BMW is concerned is that Google treats android users as the product and not the customer and wants to collect data about them to sell. They won't allow it so long as this is the case and other valid security concerns plague the Android platform. I'm honestly glad that that BMW are holding their ground on this one and not letting Google bully their way into forcing their eavesdropping products into their cars.
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