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Originally Posted by CO_Steve View Post
I was doing a ride with some friends through Glenwood Canyon. At Hanging Lake I spotted a couple of electric bikes sitting beside the trail. Then I saw the riders, both north of 300lbs. Good for them but I think I'll keep peddling.
I don't see the connection. I'm 6', weigh under 150 lbs with full gear and do manual labor for a few hours a day most days of the week. A 300lb dude would break the bike and have a heart attack riding like in the video I posted.

Also, the idea that electric bikes make things easier is a huge misconception. If you are riding on a smooth road with just the throttle, yes, it is easy. But nobody is making you do that. If you are riding with the throttle on trails and trying to go fast, you will quickly work your way up to your physical limit with a bit of skill. That riding is every bit as hard as pedaling, and more of a full body workout.

Finally, nobody says you can't pedal a push-assist electric bike as hard as you want. You can, and the advantage is you will go a lot faster for a given level of exertion. Not to mention there are varying levels of assist.

The last point seems an extremely obvious conclusion for anyone who's ridden a bike for a while. As you get physically stronger and faster, you don't just sit around and ride at the same speed, doing less and less relative work. Typically you push yourself so that you're working just as hard, and getting more out of it.
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