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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Eh, in this modern day and age with so many computer-aided tools available to use for design and manufacture of vehicles, I think the "the don't buy first-year" thing is a thing of the past.
Are you talking in general or for bikes? My first year Fpace had multiple recalls, the Supra had multiple changes because of various small issues, the new Corvettes had multiple small fixes on things. I could literally go on and on as well as list issues with first gen bikes within the last 2-3 years where you had to do recalls. My issue isn't so much with having to do recalls as things do happen. It's that dealership services departments for motorsports are VERY hit and miss in terms of timeliness. Some of them still don't even schedule in service, they expect you to drop it off and just wait. Most of them are understaffed even before Covid.

I have a limited riding season and known quality dealerships are quite far for me so perhaps I prioritize certain things others do not.
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