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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
The numbers are easily referenced online. I checked before I posted.

In any case, BMW doesn't feel market share in its key markets -- which aligns with the same key markets for Apple, by design or not -- warrants consideration of adopting Android Auto in its cars.

Furthermore, BMW is notoriously protective of the electronics in its cars -- as is Porsche -- both in terms of protecting its owners and protecting its designs. Android Auto's open architecture is an antithesis to that philosophy.

Both BMW and Porsche has been that way for many years. No one should be surprised by the omission of Android Auto from both -- and if it matters to someone that much, they don't have to buy either make.
It seems like Android market share in Europe is around 70% unless I am not reading the data correctly. That is a lot of people to say screw you to.
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