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Originally Posted by Sea-Tac View Post
I really like bikes youíve made. The look rugged and sturdy. Are You marketing your product? If so...where.

These things are a kick in the butt to ride and donít let anyone tell you youíre not getting a work out. You can pedal these things much as you want. The trick is to know when to let the bike do the work. Iím starting to see more of themaround too.

Thanks for starting a cool thread c
Thanks, I appreciate the compliments. I am absolutely not marketing ebikes, although for free I can tell you what to buy and how to build your own. These bikes require tinkering and the batteries are too dangerous (I use RC lipo). So I don't want to sell a bike and then have an unhappy customer who can't deal with the constant maintenance and rigorous battery management practices.

I don't pedal these bikes at all, the workout comes from throwing the bike around on the trails and constantly moving up, down and around on it as we go around corners and over obstacles. It's very hard work.

Electric bikes are so much fun, I'm honestly at a loss why the streets aren't filled with them. I guess there are a variety of factors: cost, general lack of interest in the outdoors, lack of interest in physical activity in general, lack of ability to ride an illegal bike confidently without getting busted, lack of knowledge that these things exist or that they're freaking awesome.
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