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Originally Posted by Stage IV View Post
Off topic posts don't count. That's a reason why people who post primarily in the politics sub-forum have a ton of rep points in relation to post count. Why not nullify the rep points as well?

This is an automotive forum first and foremost so posting in the actual auto sub-forums has merit.
They changed it in the last year or two after I brought it up.

Rep points are 1.5 in the car section and 1.0 in the off topic.

Posts in forum operations (here) do not add to post count, iirc.

I agree with you. It’s a car forum. Off topic should be worth no rep points...or disabled in off topic completely. But page views is what sells advertising I guess.

And yes, if an argument/flamewar breaks out on a thread that you posted on and the mods delete the thread, all those post counts disappear.