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I'm guessing it will have the detuned 4.0 from the GT3 (which is NOT the 4.0 in the 718 GT4).

Start at $15k below the 991.2GT3 MSRP to keep positioning intact, but with options etc. you're looking at a $165k-$175k average sticker.

Likely somewhat limited, to keep people buying the GT4 (non RS) who can't get their hands on an RS.

Interesting thing about the GT4 RS (if above is accurate, which it may not be) is this: For the same price would you rather have a GT4 RS or GT3?

Assuming the GT4 RS has the same 4.0 but detuned, I'd probably still go GT3 for the sheer power/experience and since a 911 is a 911 but the Cayman platform has caught up as the arguably more driver-focused car with it's mid-engine and the 911s get bigger and bigger. It would honestly be a tough call for me...luckily I have a 992 GT3 RS deposit down that should keep my temptation at bay for the next couple of years.

Now if Porsche throws us a total curve-ball and this is the same engine as the GT4 but turbo-charged then it's a whole different story but I don't think that's what we'll see here.