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two things in particular: decreased frontal area and decreased turbulence along the sides of the car and towards the rear wing. there were some grip advantages in higher speed corners. pretty sure the little-wheel concept began in CanAm 1972-74 with the UOP Shadow. in CanAm it was strictly frontal area. i saw one version of the car race at Atlanta in 72, we were the under-card that weekend. i can tell you that car was freaking scary. they were there thinking they could beat Denny Hulme's McClaren. Penske had other ideas, showed up with the 917. for 1974 rules changes regarding fuel capacity made the 917 unusable and Shadow finally won (Jackie Oliver). that car is pictured below. an 800 hp go kart.
a couple points regarding the linked article:
first, author suggests that F1 in the early 70s had gotten "stuffy". not how I remember it.
second, author suggests that increasing front grip will decrease oversteer. the opposite is true. as an example the corollary might be increasing rear bar to reduce understeer. that is true.
anyway, great to see pictures of that astonishing machine again. thanks for posting RD.
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