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Letter draft

This is my draft of the letter (attached doc file will be with correct table). Corrections/proposals are only welcomed.
We need to collect as many people as possible...

Dear BMW Customer Service Team,

We are the owners of BMW X1 F48 vehicle located in different countries and even continents. Unfortunately we are obligated to apply to you about the common worldwide problem currently existing in the gearbox module of the vehicles.

During the parking of our vehicles (gearbox shifter in P position) and turning off the engines, iDrive system shows the following message:
“Secure vehicle with parking brake when stationary.
Have the problem checked by Service Partner.”

This happens each and every time and also when the vehicle is parked on level ground. The error will remain even if the parking brake is applied. After turn on the engine again and put the shifter either in R or D position, error goes away.

Error computer diagnostic shows the code "420106" - Shiftlock solenoid: Selector lever wrongly not locked in P.

Here is the list of the vehicles with contact details of the owners who have faced aforesaid problems:
No. Vehicle VIN No. Engine type Year of manufacture Country Odometer
value Contact details
1 WBAHT710505G29287 18d 2016 Ukraine 34 956 km +380663814185

We found each other with a help of one of the biggest BMW global forums - where we as your clients and BMW fans have the rights to exchange our minds about service, different kind of improvements, etc. and sometimes unfortunately problems. After studying this issue, we came to know the problem most likely is either in weak design of gearbox shifter unit or in gearbox mechatronic unit and unfortunately it is common for BMW models F48, F39, F45 and F46. At the same time, BMW hasn’t announced any recall procedure, despite the fact that both of the units mentioned are quite expensive and definitely shouldn’t appear after such odometer values we have.

We believe that BMW being the worldwide famous company who cares about its clients worldwide should put its strong attention to this issue, technically investigate the problem and fix it either by recall procedure or by Kulanz program, i.e. not to forward this issue for attention on the level of our local dealers, since, as far as you may see, the problem has a common worldwide character and definitely has negative influence on BMW overall reputation.

Rely on your co-operation and positive reply.
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