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Originally Posted by pandrath View Post
Supposedly the X2 summer updates include a few new wheel designs. Unfortunately the configurator in the few countries i checked does not yet reflect this (or the larger screen for navigation pro). But looking at the facelifted X1, it now has the option for non rft with 19" wheels for the same price as the rft, so i am hoping this will also be the case for the x2.

If anyone has some info on this would be much appreciated, as i read new X2 orders are already being booked for July build, including the updates.

I may also opt for standard suspension instead of m sport (you can delete msport suspension even though you pay the same) or the adjustable dampers, but have not decided yet.
I ordered an X2 M35i, and it was just produced last week - and will be a 2020 model, so it should include these updates. It is at the port now, so should only be a couple more weeks before I have it. I'll share full details and specs once I have it if its any help