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It's interesting seeing all the hate and discontent this car brings. The X1 consistently wins comparisons against the competition but still isn't "good enough".

This new M35i has a similar feel to a 340i and the tune is quite ridiculous. Torque is available fast and in gobs, it definitely doesn't feel like the same engine as a standard X1/2 even though it is based on it. The transmission is not quite as brutal as the ZF in sport mode but it isn't far off either. The sound is quite sublime and if you think it's all fake, roll down the windows and it gets even better.

If we had 340 wagons in the US I probably would've gone a different route but this X2 pretty much checks all the boxes and I personally like the way it looks.

I haven't had the pleasure of taking it up to the mountains yet but on the few twisty areas I have been able to drive it handles spot on and I have no doubts you can swing the rear end out if you want too, I've already felt it break a little just from accelerating a little too briskly mid apex, being that I am used to the X1 taking a little time to wake up.

If you try it and still hate it, that's cool, but to rip on it without seeing what it can and can't do is just silly.