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I spend most of my youth and my late 20's to 35ish being 20-40 pounds overweight. I worked out a lot and felt like that was just "me". I ranged from 200-230 and am also 5'10". I did carry a little muscle (blessed with that), but I was certainly fat.

I can now say 1000% it was my diet the entire time. I have never been a big eater and even as a kid rarely ate breakfast as I just was not hungry - sounds like you.

I was way behind the fad - but I finally tried the Adkins/Keto/whatever diet and it literally changed my life. I started semi following the Adkins induction phase and when it worked so well I read a lot of books on it and how/why it worked and then started morphing it to my tastes. I lost about 50 pounds over 2 years of not hard dieting, but just modifying my diet. I got down to about 165 gradually, had semi abs for the first time in my life, all without working out more than I used to.

I turned 50 in Feb and sit at 177 this morning. I have never been back above 190 again and rarely bump into the low 180's even during the winter lazy months. Usually hover in the low to mid 170's.

If I control my carbs - everything else takes care of itself. I don't eat zero carbs, I just got in the habit of selecting far fewer carbs on average and the weight just came off and stayed off. 3-4 of my work friends saw what I was doing and tried it as well and they all also dropped 20-30 pounds a piece as well. It worked well for us and makes it easier when several of you are finding new things that work and we all ate lunch together a lot as well. Not only with the weight lose, but I need less sleep and sleep better when I do need it.

They say diet is 80% of weight loss. I feel it is closer to 90! LOL

You have to find what works for you and this just happened to work well for me. Changed my life - no doubt about it. I wish I would have this when I was your age, in my prime, and worked out much harder then. I would have been ripped.
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