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Originally Posted by Kelse92 View Post
Season 2 was difficult to follow, but worth it once I did some more investigation. I watched along with listening to a fan podcast and found some timeline websites that made the season less confusing for me personally. The non-linearity of it definitely made it hard to follow.

Season 3 is so-far-so good! Only thing I'm bummed about is that its only 8 episodes, I think, and we are already 2-episodes in with very little really connecting the storyline and the characters. Very disjointed so far placing all of the characters literally across the world from each other. I am looking forward to seeing if/how it all comes together more in episode 3!
Yeah season 2 took at least a second watch to catch on with what all was happening and in what timeline. I think thats what made it hard the 1st time, because you were confused a lot.

Season 3 kind of the same, completely different story lines so far, but at least seem to be happening at the same time. and they are starting to bring the story lines all together. What I like is even though you kind of think you know what will eventually happen, you cant be as sure as you are with some other series.
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