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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post

The cancel culture eats one of their own.

Effective immediately, Chris Matthews has resigned from MSNBC and his show Hardball.

If you haven't seen the news, he basically got cancelled because he talked smack about Bernie. Subsequently, the Bernie bro's dug up some unbecoming comments he made to women several decades ago.

In the land of the far left - that is enough to eat your own.

Sad - I actually liked the guy. Disagreed with nearly everything he said, but he was very honest about where he stood politically and never tried to pretend to be impartial like the morons at CNN. I wish him the best.

The gal, formerly of Huffington Post, said he flirted in 17. It made her uncomfortable yet she waits...
I'm 99% sure she's a Bernie Gal. What he said about Nazis and France was silly but my God, the crap Racho spews nightly gets a pass?

He was blue to the bone but I sort of liked him. Pitiful.
The whole metoo charade opened a can of snakes while the molesters at the top of NBC are obviously off limits. Pffftt.
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