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Originally Posted by FuriouslyFast View Post
That does not mean it's not a real problem & a big problem.

Let's also not forget their strict emissions bs & their bs gun laws. Stop turning my thread into a thread about CA, thanks.
Have you been to St Augustine, FL? They have a massive homeless problem too, but normal folk still get along fine down there. Point being is that it's not a CA unique problem, and again, it's only bad in certain places, places you'd be crazy to move too anyway.

Definitely not turning this into a CA thread either, I also offered lots of info about NC (where I currently live). The thread is about where to move in the US, and I have lots of experience on CA (where I lived before for many years and still visit often), so just sharing those experiences sans the bullshit. The thread probably interests others as well, so there's that. No idea what you are referring to about CA gun laws, it's just an easy to buy/own guns in CA as it is anywhere else in the country, personally know lots of people with lots of guns. CA also has a massive amount of automobiles and insane traffic in the populated areas, so tight smog laws are actually something to be grateful for. I personally would not move back there unless I retired with stupid amounts of money and could live outside the populated areas. There really is some breath-taking country out there.
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