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Electric cars will take over and replace ICE when the tech evolves to the point that it's better. When you can have a 1,000 HP, 2500 lb, $50k car with 1,000 mile range. When the billion people in China can ride an electric scooter that costs $25 and goes for days. When an electric powered train will pull 100 cars behind it across the country on a charge. When a cargo ship can go from Asia to the US on a single charge.

Until then, ICE will stick around. Oh, and when the above happens and you (or maybe your great grandkids depending upon how long it takes) are driving your electric car that demolishes every stat your old BMW put up, yeah, you may talk about the "old days" in much the same way my grandfather talked about his horse but would you really trade your electric car for an ICE? Nah. Not at that point. Just like gramps wasn't about to trade his Cadillac for a horse. You'll miss the IDEA of an ICE but you wont actually miss the tech. Just like no one misses the telegraph, 8 tracks, or washing dishes by hand.

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