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Originally Posted by Canuck335 View Post
Like all things, it will come down to money.
Most car manufacturers have figured out they’d make more money on EV’s than on ICE. Fewer parts, less regulation, fewer warranty claims, the list goes on.

Once the existing development pipeline of ICE is empty (which is a sunk cost) you’ll be hard pressed to find a regular selection of ICE cars. Development cycles are what, 5 to 7 years? So in about 5 years purchase of ICE passenger vehicles will be mostly history. Add another 10-15 years for last of the ice cars to leave the road and you’re at about 20 years.
Commercial transportation is about 7 years behind that; we’re just starting to see electric transport trucks. Maybe 30 years for that.

As for missing combustion, I will probably not miss it.. I’m old but being a Gen Xer, I can move with the times.
Perhaps, but if folks aren't buying them then manufacturers won't make them. They can only make money if they sell them, so far the uptake isn't that great. You might be right, but I think it will take longer than you think.