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Originally Posted by autoart View Post
Look at the green new deal put forth by the democrats. The government can change everything for us.
I live in Calif. and their is a target on ice back. They want to get rid of it.
Who cares what "WE" have to say.
They can do it a few different ways: Raise the price of gas(tax the hell out of it).
Mandate to stop selling/making ice by any year they choose.
Give large tax breaks to ev cars.
With such a small slice of the market I don't see it going away naturally for a long time.
Depending on who we elect as president on down will be the downfall of ICE.
Sorry to get a little political, but that's my thoughts on it.
Still, think of the logistics.....the government bans ICE, and then what do you do with the millions of them on the roads. Even if they wanted to it would take decades to get rid of them all and get folks in EV's.

I don't disagree with you in that the only way to get people to switch will be to mandate it because at the rate it's going there doesn't seem to be much interest or desire for the masses to buy EV's. Even with huge incentives sales aren't great. My daily for example has about 70,000km on it.

My wife is about retire and I've been retired for a couple of years no. I have no interest in selling it and buying an EV. If I can I'll keep this thing for at least 6 more years, maybe longer. What about the people that are taking delivery of new cars right now or in the next year. The average life expectancy of a new car is 11.6 years.

Then you raise the tax issue, government is addicted to tax. The taxes collected on gas are enormous, if the government forces everyone off of ICE where does it make up that lost revenue? Either taxing electricity or something else.

This is a huge complicated issue and the transition is going to take a very long time, decades I suspect.