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NYC has nothing on DC. The crooks in DC have grabbing money out of people down to a science. From the overly aggressive "brownies" and confusing/convoluted parking signs to the aggressive use of photo enforcement, I rarely drive into DC. DC has used fixed and mobile speed cameras which don't need to be near residential or school zones. They can be placed anywhere. DC also refuses to officially tell you if there is a grace over the speed limit before a ticket gets issued. So conceivably you can get a ticket for being 1 MPH over the limit. In contrast, the neighboring county in Maryland, Montgomery County, has officially stated you will only get a ticket if you're caught doing 12 MPH or over. DC also recently raised the fines for photo speed tickets. I forget how much over before the raping begins but the fines in this range start at $200.

And of course, DC also uses red light cameras prodigiously. There was even some discussion to turn those cameras into speed enforcement cameras by utilizing the ability for speed to be determined via the inductive loops in the pavement.

Oh and a private contractor runs both the speed and red light photo enforcement programs. They get a cut out of every ticket issued. additional incentive for abuse there.

On the topic of parking enforcement, they'll give a ticket out for out of state laws even though you're in DC. I got hit a couple of times for not having a front tag even though the car wasn't registered in DC. My car was parked and the ticket wasn't even issued by MPD. It was the stupid brownies. They're so money hungry that you can still get a parking ticket for parking at a broken meter. Their policy is if the meter is broken, that space is unavailable. In a city where parking spaces are at a premium.
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