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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
I reluctantly, at Wifey's urging, joined Facebook about 9 or 10 years ago just to have a place to post vacation pics so we could share them with family. It's worked well for that over the years. I've also joined a few groups that have kept me in touch with former military friends and cycling groups and so on. There is definitely an upside to Facebook.

That said, Facebook the App is insidious. It worms its way into everything. And Facebook itself is sadly a net negative drag on society. Way too many people use it as their sole source of information and believe everything they read on it. And Facebook the Corporation seems to have no qualms about letting pure BS run amok on their system, or about selling the personal data of every member.

So now I'm torn between leaving or staying. I personally don't post much on FB aside from pics and the occasional post in a cycling group. And I do use it occasionally to have a quick chat with folks I normally wouldn't if it weren't for Facebook. But I'm finding it harder to justify to myself continuing to feed it. Sort of like feeding one particularly friendly rodent or raccoon or stray cat. You know all it wants from you is to keep feeding it, but you keep doing it anyway.

My nephew cleared himself of FB years ago and claims it was the best thing he's ever done. Anyone else ever delete a Facebook account or just not start one in the first place? Or, is it a case of using the beast for what you want out of it and accepting the inevitable cost of doing so?

What are your thoughts on Facebook?
Your nephew uses other social media because, to his generation, FB was taken over by us old people.

None of the negatives you mention affect me. I am on and will stay on