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Originally Posted by bimmerfrk View Post
Ok so after today i put all my wife's and my 401k proceeds into a money market fund. This trajectory cant continue and a lot of economists feel that the economy is reaching if not already at full employment. I don't care if i miss another 2 - 5 percent in gains. I'm up 39 percent over the last 2 years and im sure there is a pull back coming. I'm protecting my profits. I will continue to contribute to my 401k but there is just no value at the moment. Its crazy how many times companies are trading their earnings

bimmerfrk, you moved out of the market and into cash, correct? The reason you did that is because the trajectory can't continue. Did I get that right?

Have you given a reason based on economic fundamentals why the trajectory can't continue? I read, once, through all the posts and did not see an economic thesis put forward.