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Originally Posted by quick6 View Post
Originally Posted by Poiseuille View Post
^^^ so what will Bernie supporters do when they realize that the DNC and Wall Street have screwed Bernie again?
The more conservative democrats have no appetite for Bernie-we don't want socialist leanings or yuge government programs. We just want moral decency and steady governing restored to the office of the president.
Moral decency, like Clinton, Kennedy, etc? Both sides have had many fall into immoral.

Steady governing would be easier if the current Dems had an ounce of maturity and integrity. Partisan politics is insulting and mind boggling right now.

Trump is not saint but the country is doing very well regardless of the constant saboteurs...

The precedent that has been set by the Democratic Party is going to hurt this country for generations. God help any president that does not have house and senate majority- it is a game now!